Do You Have Romnesia?

Republican Mitt Romney is on record stating he will defund Planned Parenthood, will repeal the Affordable Care Act, which brings multiple benefits to women including no-copay birth control and prenatal care, and supports overturning Roe v. Wade.

The Republican Platform, which he ran on, states its support for fetal personhood, and for reforming Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security by block-granting it to states, which will leave many women destitute and without medical coverage. Twice as many elderly women as men live in poverty.

His running mate, Congressman Paul Ryan, has passed two conservative dream budgets out of the House (defeated in Senate) which spell out the ways in which this administration will eviscerate programs women and families depend upon. Ryan also co-sponsored the “Protect Life Act” which most feminists know as the “Let Women Die” Act. It would have allowed medical practitioners to refuse to abort a pregnancy even in an emergency situation. Both Romney and Ryan believe employers should have the ability to decide whether the insurance they offer employees cover contraception or not.

President Obama goes over the symptoms of Romnesia, when a candidate forgets everything and every policy he has backed for the past six years:

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