The Problem with Gynoticians

 In June, the US House passed an unconstitutional 20-week abortion ban. Over the last few weeks American women have watched in disbelief as Texas, North Carolina and Ohio passed laws to limit safe, legal abortion access even further, with the result that health clinics women rely upon are closing. These states join other states across the country whose legislatures believe that criminalizing abortion will make it go away (it won’t). Which believe, ironically, that limiting access to family planning health clinics – by using TRAP laws to close them, or by defunding them – will stop abortion, despite it being common knowledge and common sense that such access to contraception is the only way to drive abortion numbers down.

The problem with politicians making health care decisions for women is they are not doctors. Politicians substituting their own beliefs and judgements for the opinions of medical professionals, and forcing the closure of health clinics, is creating a dangerous situation for women.

Watch this very funny skit by Amber Tamblyn and David Cross. It would be hilarious if it weren’t so scary!

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