Tell Congress “Chained CPI” Is An Unacceptable Benefits Cut

Here are Senator Bernie Sanders, AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka, and National NOW’s Terry O’Neill with the good reasons why cuts to Social Security are unacceptable and unfair.

Some stand out points:

  • Despite the rhetoric, Social Security does not have anything at all to do with the deficit, and is solvent for the next 21 years.
  • “Chained CPI” will cut $135 billion over the first ten years. Not deadwood and fat, but money that seniors, veterans and low-income workers use to pay for food and health care.
  • Current beneficiaries will begin feeling this pinch almost immediately.
  • Two-thirds of minimum wage workers in the country are women. That means no pension, no health care- so they pay out of pocket all those years for healthcare and can’t save for the future. At the end of their working life, they rely almost exclusively on Social Security to live, and these cuts literally take food out of their mouths.
  • It is morally wrong to balance the federal budget on the backs of the elderly, veterans, women, children, the sick, and low-income people.


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