To My Senator’s Conscience:

I hope you will take a moment to reflect upon the consequences of the expansion of “conscience” rules to substitute women’s judgements about their own health needs with the “conscience” of their employers or insurance providers.

I know you are “pro-life”. I put that in quotes because I don’t know what to make of the term when no discussion of quality of life is allowed in the debate. The government cannot substitute for one’s belief in the Bible. As you know, however, there are many people who read the same Bible, but do not agree with each other. Additionally, there are people in this country and state who do not base their morality at all upon the Bible. And, among those who claim fervent religious belief, including Catholics, 98% use birth control. These are your constituents.

No matter what your beliefs, they have no business dictating what happens in the personal lives of women or their families, or in public policy. I’m not sure what kind of “conscience” would take control of her own fertility and future away from women, but I believe it takes a compassionate intelligence to understand these moral choices rest in the end with women alone and their consciences, and shouldn’t include yours. That may make the Church uncomfortable, and may not jibe with your private beliefs, but as a lawmaker who presumably believes women are also citizens, it shouldn’t be a question for you.

Please oppose all attempts to keep women from being able to make their own healthcare and reproductive choices.

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