To Misogynists, No Co-Pay Birth Control a Terrorist Act

August 1st marked the phase-in of Affordable Care Act mandates that women’s preventive services be offered in all insurance products without co-pay. This includes FDA-approved birth control. You would think the sky had fallen to hear the Republican hand-wringing. Apparently, freedom is solely for the religious, and can’t be reasonably defended for the individual, especially for female individuals.

As usual, Pennsylvania tees up the crazy with a press conference from US Representative Mike Kelly, likening the availability of healthcare for women to the bombing of Pearl Harbor or the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center. Here’s the video:

When will the ridiculous excuses for human that imagine they are protecting the human enterprise by oppressing women get off their holier-than-thou horse? Women take birth control for themselves AND their men. Duh! It turns out this whole being able to plan your family thing is really good for families.

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